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Why Hiring a Surveyor Could Save You Money

August 10, 2014 by lucas in Money Saving Tips, Tips

Spending our cash is not something we relish. We prefer the term ‘frugal’ not tight. But, in the midst of selling your property, you are going to have to impart with some money. After all, you have to speculate to accumulate. This is particularly true with the UK housing market. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money when you are selling your home. However, being savvy and spending your coffers on the right things are imperative. Forget plastering the walls and laying down new carpet to make your home a viable seller. You need to enlist the services of a chartered surveyor. This will save you a great deal of money in the long term.

Here’s how.


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Money Matters

While you are selling your property, you are no doubt inundated with invoices from various bodies. Your mortgage lender, lawyer, solicitor and estate agent all your money during this time. Adding on the services of a chartered surveyor seems like madness. But, in the long term, enlisting these services can save you money. Do not cut corners. Be sensible with your money and make sure that it goes further than expected.

Tell Me More

Leasing, selling or purchasing premises is a big step to take. Whether you have undertaken this journey before or whether it is your first time, it is a significant step in anyone’s life. A survey will ensure that your home is perfect for purchase. If you are not aware of any issues or defects with your property, or you are not honest about them, your property will not sell.

A surveyor in Aberdeen has stated that if you do not seek out professional services, you could be faced with huge ongoing bills. These could be from your bank, estate agent and solicitor. The longer that you are on their books, the bigger your bill is going to be. Now can you see the importance of a surveyor?

Housing Defects: What You Can Do

Once your surveyor has completed the report, read it. This may seem commonsensical, but people often ignore the report before it is too late. You need to endeavour to correct any defects with the house prior to selling. This means that your house is a viable candidate. What is more, you can show prospective owners that you have corrected these mistakes and can produce the evidence. They will know that they have made the right investment. Your house will sell quickly and more efficiently thus saving you money in the long term.

Home Condition Surveys

Home condition surveys will give your prospective buyers peace of mind. If they are fully aware of any issues that are with the house, or previous defects, they will be more likely to buy your property. Honesty, of course, is the best policy. While you want your house to sell, not being honest about its current state of repair will hinder its sale.

Surveyors are there to help you ensure that your home does not languish on the property market. Utilise their services and save a substantial amount of cash in the future.