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What are funeral plans and do I need one?

October 14, 2016 by admin in Finances


Just as with any event you know is going to occur, it helps to give prior thought to just how you want those events to unfold and how they are going to be paid for – that is the essence of planning.

Funeral plans reflect the same aim – how do you want your final farewell to be conducted and how are any arrangements you want to make going to be paid for.

Funeral planning

Given the inevitability of death and the deep seated human desire to mark the occasion in a proper and fitting manner, it may be no surprise that planning for your funeral has been done for millennia. Even in early Roman times, for instance, burial societies existed to help members meet the cost of their funerals.

Yet despite the passage of time, there is a significant proportion of today’s population who appear to have given no thought at all to any financial provision for their funeral.

The September 2016 edition of the Funeral Service Times, for example, reported that 52% of a surveyed population in England and Wales confessed that they had given no thought at all to how their funeral might be paid for. Admittedly, the survey sample included respondents as young as 18 years old, but even amongst the over 55s there were still 30% who had no plans as to how their funeral was going to be paid for.

Do I need one?

If you want any say in the final arrangements and send-off you receive from loved ones after your death, you need a funeral plan of one kind or another. If you want to make sure that the funds exist for carrying out those wishes, you also need to plan for how they are to be paid for.

Making that financial provision is complicated by the fact that the cost of funerals is increasing year on year at a rate outstripping inflation. Unless you are able to make arrangements to keep up with those rising costs – which your surviving loved ones are likely to find it difficult to meet – their only recourse might be to seek the very meagre government grant for providing the most basic of funerals.

Prepaid funeral plans

Fortunately, the means are readily available to help you not only make the arrangements for the funeral you want, but also to pay for those arrangements here and now – at today’s prices, rather than those likely to have risen by a significant amount by the time your death comes.

Making such a plan is very simple and straight forward and may be done entirely online. You can compare funeral plans with providers who allow you to choose the funeral directors you want to conduct the eventual arrangements and to pay for those services in advance.

These providers are able to guarantee that the services you buy at today’s prices are going to be honoured even many years down the line because the money you pay is safely and securely held in trust or is used for the purchase of a whole of life insurance policy in your name.