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Unsung Heroes – iPad

May 6, 2014 by Financefox in Tips

I have to admit that I was very late joining the iPad party.  I had previously owned an iPod and loved it, and could see that an iPhone was one of the best smartphones on the market; but was never fully convinced by the iPad.  My thoughts were that if it wasn’t a phone and wasn’t fully a computer that could perform the same tasks as a laptop, then there really was no point to it.  I felt like it was some sort of poser’s toy.  That was though, until someone bought one for me as a gift.

I couldn’t believe how judgemental and closed off to it I had been, with no good reason.  Sure, it isn’t a phone and isn’t as powerful as a laptop and can’t be used in quite the same way; but that doesn’t mean it is not a worthwhile piece of equipment.  This is why I have chosen the iPad as one of my unsung heroes, in connection to Hiscox’s latest campaign all about just that – unsung heroes.

Although I can’t do all my day to day work in the office on the iPad, it is a helpful piece of gadgetry to have when I have to go out and about.  Rather than lugging my laptop, which is not heavy but still cumbersome, I can just bring my iPad out and if I am having a sneaky bit of lunch and a coffee at a café, I can check email, do research and other admin-related jobs like that.

Another thing I have found useful about the iPad is if I am out and about and have a good idea, but don’t have a pen or paper with me; I can simply open up an app like Evernote and tap my ideas down.  I do also know of some colleagues that have used their iPad’s for presentations to prospective partners and clients.

Really, as he always did with any new product he released, Steve Jobs gave us what we all wanted, even though we didn’t actually know we wanted it.