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Touring Caravan Insurance FAQs

December 1, 2017 by admin in Insurance, Tips


Here are some of the commonly asked questions relating to touring caravan insurance cover and some, hopefully helpful, answers!

Do touring and static caravans have the same insurance?

No, they’re quite different.

Space doesn’t permit a full discussion as to just how cover varies but it does. As a result, you need to be specific when discussing the exact nature of your caravan with a provider of touring caravan insurance. 

Will it cover my holidays in France and Spain?

It may do.

Typically the provision of such cover is routine, providing you’re staying in the European Union. However, some policies might include it as standard while others will make it an optional extra.

Will my insurance cover me wherever I’m parked?

This is a trickier question than it might appear because it breaks down into three distinct areas:

  • where you park when you’re using your caravan (e.g. camping sites and pitches);
  • where you’re going to park your tourer when it is not in use (during the winter for example);
  • whether or not your caravan is attached to the towing vehicle.

Policies will typically have conditions covering these and related scenarios. So, for example, you might not be covered if you unhitch your caravan in a layby and go off elsewhere in your car. Your policy might also have restrictions relating to on-street unhitched parking during wintertime (or any other time).

The direct answer to the question is “no”. Your policy may restrict some aspects of parking. You’ll need to read it carefully to make sure you comply.

Why isn’t on the road towing third-party liability covered?

Typically, the towing vehicle’s third party liability cover will include towed vehicles such as trailers and caravans.

As such, you don’t need that cover in your touring caravan insurance. Do be sure though to read carefully just what your car’s insurance cover says on the subject of towing.

Can I use any parking spot and keep my cover in place?

It’s important to remember here the above distinction about whether or not your caravan is unhitched.

Assuming the question means an official touring caravan site then the answer will typically be “yes” but there may be a few things to look out for in your policy’s conditions:

Will all my possessions be covered?

Again, broadly speaking “yes” but there may be some exclusions and limitations.

Some policies might not cover cash, higher value jewellery or certain types of technology (e.g. laptops and mobile phones) if you’re away from the caravan. Others might have a maximum value per item limitation.

In most cases, such limitations are not unreasonable but yet again, you should read the policy carefully to be sure and attend to your security.

Will my awnings and other external components be covered?

If you’re present with the caravan when it’s unhitched, then some (though not all) policies will provide such cover against theft and sudden bad weather damage. In some cases such protection might again be an optional extra.

Note though that typically that changes once you’re away from your caravan.

As you might imagine, some insurers might be reluctant to pay out for the theft of items left in the open when you had gone off elsewhere. The cover might also require you to close-up and stow any awnings while you’re away, just in case a squall blows in etc.