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Top Ways to Make Money during The Festival Season

August 11, 2014 by Financefox in Money Saving Tips, Tips

Top Ways to Make Money during The Festival SeasonIf you’re looking to set up your own business but struggling to find the right niche where you can locate yourself and bring in the big bucks, why not consider the opportunities open to you as a portable business providing services in the heart of the festival season? With so many people of all ages heading to festivals in the summer sun, and plenty of opportunities to expand on those and continue making a living all the rest of the year, there are lots of ways you can make a profit on the back of those fun-loving revellers heading out and about. Here are some examples of how you can do just that, and the best ways to get started.

Festival Trade

Whether it’s the major music and entertainment festivals that you’ll see on TV, or local and regional shows for up-and-coming artists from every form and genre, there is an abundance of outdoor events where a new business can come along and offer patrons something special to add to their experience. Food and drinks companies stand to make a killing by heading to a modest music festival where masses of people will be gathering outdoors hungry to have their bellies filled, and you could take advantage of that if that’s the right niche for you.

There are a handful of businesses that also provide services directly to festival organisers, but with relatively few of these in the game and an established client base to which they cater, you may find opportunities with new and recently established festivals to provide something different. Whatever your business idea, make sure that you do your homework first of all to ensure there is a market for you and to see where you stand in relation to any competitors who might already be out there on your likely turf.

Nuts and Bolts

Then when it’s time to start doing business, you need to make sure you have all the kit necessary to do what you promise and to turn a profit. If you’re planning on travelling around the country or even taking a large amount of equipment from one venue to the next then you’ll need a vehicle to take on the road. If you’re selling goods outdoors, a card reader is a great bonus too enabling you to take money by credit and debit card when revellers end up running out of cash! There are plenty of ways to build a business by targeting outdoor events, so if you find the right niche that you can occupy then you stand to do well out of it.