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Tips for Saving for a British Holiday

April 8, 2015 by Financefox in Tips

Over the long, grey winter, many people get fed up of British weather and start daydreaming about holidays abroad. But it is easy to forget how beautiful the UK can be and how many great vacation spots are often right on your doorstep.

While many of of these holidays are cheaper than going abroad, travel, accommodation and sightseeing can still cause costs to build up. It is sensible to start saving early for nice trips away, and the best way to do so is to use a home budget to track your income and expenditure. Luckily there is plenty of advice available online to get you started on your home budget, and we’ve also put together some tips on how to save money for your British summer holiday. Start now and it won’t take long for the pounds to add up!

The first great way to save for a holiday is to get more frugal with your weekly food shop. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on a supermarket trip without noticing, and this can really add up. If you’re trying to save to go away, the nice thing about tightening the purse strings while food shopping is that you can think of all the luxurious treats you can enjoy on holiday instead with your prudently saved cash.

Once you get home from shopping there’s another quick trick which can see the pennies start to build. Just put any change from a pound into a jar, and every time you have too many coins in your pocket, add them to the collection. It is fun to see the money increase, and it’s also a visual reminder to save where you can. Just before going away take the jar to the bank to get it changed for (much more portable) notes. Use the amount saved to treat yourself while you are away: enjoy an ice-cream every afternoon or an extra drink at the bar!

Another great way to stash away some cash for a holiday splurge is to think about your daily transport costs. If there are regular trips you can make on foot, rather than taking public transport or a car, your savings will quickly add up. Write down how much you save this way every time you do it and the total amount will probably cover your holiday food bill.

Finally, if your saving is intended for a honeymoon one great technique to raise funds is to use one of the increasingly popular honeymoon listing services. Now that most couples live together before they wed, this is a great alternative to household items listing. Instead it gives guests the opportunity to pay for things on your honeymoon. This might be big items like a few nights at a posh hotel, but can also include smaller treats like a meal or day trip.

These are just a few ideas. There are lots of great ways to track and save your cash for a fun British holiday. Get creative and you’ll be sunning yourself on a beautiful Cornish beach in no time!