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Tips for choosing a Van Insurance Policy

November 16, 2015 by Financefox in Insurance


With so many insurance companies out there, and comparison websites too, it can be pretty tough these days to make an informed choice on an insurance policy, as competition is so fierce. Good companies are aware of this, so aim to attract customers with low prices and gimmicks, but are these policies truly the best ones?

To aim to take some of the hassle out of choosing a van insurance policy, we’ve put some tips together for doing just that.

Short-term or temporary insurance policies

Temporary insurance policies are the best choice for when you need a van for a short, limited amount of time. This can include tasks and occasions such as moving house, or infrequent long journeys. They’re ideal if you don’t need to take on a year’s worth of insurance, and will cover you if you just need to use a van now and again. They can be from as a little as one day’s cover, to one month, for example.

Insurance for a courier van

Insurance with hire and reward use is generally more expensive than other types of insurance, mainly due to the increase mileage the vehicles do. With a higher mileage you are exposed to more potential accidents and dangers. If you use your van for courier sources, you will require a slightly different policy – courier insurance. They do not always cover the actual goods being transported, so it’s essential that you confirm this before you take out the policy, so as to determine if you require any further coverage.

Van insurance for those with driving offences

If you have a criminal record from being involved in motoring or traffic offences, then these insurances policies are the best option as they are specifically designed for these motorists. If you do have convictions, it’s highly advisable that you look to companies who offer specific van insurance for you as they will be more specialised to your needs, rather than the standard insurance policies out there.

Van insurance policies for young drivers

Anyone who is under the age of 25 who has looked for car insurance will understand just how frustrating it can be, as the prices are often much higher due to statistics – young drivers are involved in more accidents than older drivers. If you’re a young driver and are looking for a cheaper van policy, it’s best to look for a company that provides a policy specifically for young drivers.