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These Eco-Friendly Additions To Your Home Will Save You A Fortune

November 12, 2014 by lucas in Tips

It’s no secret that eco-friendly home solutions save you money. Not only that but in the wider sense, it’s good for the planet. We are slowly running out of fossil fuels and we need to look for alternatives. However, on a day to day basis, it’s not always easy to know how we can help. But, when you do, you’ll save a fortune on energy bills.

Some of these suggestions will cost a little in installation fees. Just remember that they will all pay for themselves within a couple of years. Once they have recouped their initial cost, they are then saving you a lot of money. The key to living in an eco-friendly way, is planning ahead and thinking of the future. It’s also good practice, because energy will change in the near future. We will soon stop using coal and gas and switch to something more efficient. If you begin to make changes now, you will be prepared for the future.

Underfloor heating

We typically think of underfloor heating as the preserve of new builds. In reality, it is actually very easy to install underfloor heating in your home retrospectively. Underfloor heating removes the need for unsightly radiators. More than that, they are much more efficient. They heat a room with a lot more consistency. That means you don’t have to push them as hard or set the temperature so high. You’ll save lots of money on heating bills.

Install solar panels and wind turbines

Many people are put off by solar panels and turbines because they are so large and ugly. That is not necessarily the case any more. Most new designs can fit seamlessly around your existing building. They are also much more powerful and efficient than they once were. The best option here is a hybrid system. They make use of the solar panels in the summer months, while the wind turbine will be used more in the winter.

Share fuel costs with neighbours

You may never have considered this, but many fuels can be shared amongst friends. Speak to your oil supplier and find out if you can order in bulk for multiple neighbours. Since they will deliver it all at once, you can afford the bigger bundles. You get a discount when you buy large amounts and that saving can be shared amongst you. It pays to use the local community. You should consider this when hiring local services and products. Using local sources has a much lower impact on the planet.

Loft insulation and double glazing

This should be the first change you make if you haven’t already. Heat escapes at a high rate through the roof and windows. To ensure you keep as much as possible inside the house, invest in loft insulation and double glazing. Neither of these are wildly expensive and they will recoup the money with a year or two. It’ll cut down the amount of time you need the heating on and you can keep a lower temperature. Double glazing and good insulation also adds value to your house when you come to sell it. It really is a no brainer.

A little change can go a long way when it comes to energy consumption. Making small changes can help cut down your energy bills. You’ll also play a small part in saving the planet. As we figure out where the next big energy source will come from, it pays to future-proof your home.


Thanks to Seiichi Ariga for the image