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Save Money On Your Next Holiday With These Nifty Tips

March 28, 2014 by lucas in Money Saving Tips

With an ever tightening grasp on our own finances, everyone is looking for a way to save money, even when booking their next holiday.

With so many ways to book, online, direct or through a travel agent, there are a few things that people can try in order to save some money.

 If you do get to save any money, it makes the holiday just that little bit better.


(Thanks to Richie Diesterheft via Flickr)

 Whether it is a cruise here, a flight there, a stay somewhere exotic or a hotel close to home, take a look at these money saving tactics before you book your next holiday.

 Be flexible on destinations

The destination will dictate most of the cost of any holiday.  The main bulk of this will be in the costs of the flights, or cruise to the destinations on offer.

The advice here, when looking for your next holiday, is to be as flexible as possible with your destination requirements.

 Another consideration, and another aspect of the holiday which you should have a flexible view on, is the type of resort that you want to stay at. Whether it is a destination that offers plenty of activities, fully inclusive or somewhere that is rich in culture and history, you must be as flexible as you can.

 With this flexibility a few holiday options may present themselves to you where you can potentially save quite a bit of money.

 Wait till the last minute

Firstly book your time off at work, and then wait. When these holidays are advertised at the last minute you can save a fortune. This is because companies want to maximise their capacity, and their income, so even if they do take a hit on it, they still make a little bit of money on your holiday. Once you have found the holiday that is right for you, book it.

 Have a flexible approach to the holiday package

You have already been flexible with your destination, and in order to potentially save more money, try and also be flexible with the holiday package.

 As you know, when you book a holiday you will receive a few of the ‘add-ons’ included within the price. For example, you may want to opt for a coach transfer, rather than a taxi. You may also find that the level of catering is a red herring and it would be cheaper to go self-catering as opposed to half or full board.

 Go basic and get upgraded

When you start looking for a holiday, try and keep your requirements to a very basic level. For example, look for 2/3 star hotels and speak to a travel agents about these hotels and holiday packages.

 One thing that may happen during this process, is that you will be offered an upgrade. Take it! You will pay a lot less for an upgrade, when compared to booking the same holiday package straight-up.

 If you do not get asked about an upgrade, be proactive and ask about upgrading before you book.