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Save a Small Fortune With Electronic Cigarettes

January 8, 2014 by lucas in Money Saving Tips

Smoking cigarettes has always cost a fair bit of cash, but these days, the price of packs seem to be rising constantly. Some people can no longer afford to pay for this unhealthy habit, but it can be very difficult to quit all together. One option for smokers who’d like to save cash or try to quit, is electronic cigarettes. There are lots of different ways you can save money with electronic cigs, so read on to save a small fortune:

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When you take a look at the bigger picture, although purchasing your initial e-cigarette kit might seem a little pricy, you’ll save maybe hundreds of pounds in your first few months of quitting the fags and using an e-cig. It all depends on how much you smoke (the more you smoke, the more you’ll save), but you’ll save money regardless when you switch to an e-cig.

Just one cigarette cartridge that will cost a couple of pounds is equal to around one cigarette packet, which in some places can be £8-£9, maybe even more!

You’ll feel the benefits of switching in your wallet within a couple of weeks depending on how much you smoke. In the coming weeks and months you’ll have much more expendable income! Maybe you should try to work out how much you spend on cigarettes in a year, and then, using the price of a cartridge from Cloudstix as the equivalent to one packet, work out how much you’ll spend on e cigarettes in a year? You’ll probably be shocked and amazed!

The fact that you don’t feel obliged to smoke a whole cigarette when all you want is a couple of drags is a bonus, too. You can pick up your e-cigarette whenever you like, and put it down whenever you like – meaning that you’re more likely to smoke less than you would with cigarettes! Your cartridges will also last longer, so you can expect even more savings on top of the figure you already have. Buying cartridges in bulk will also make them even cheaper – you could be spending at least 3 times as much on just one pack of normal cigarettes.

Putting the savings aside for a second, you should also consider the substantial health benefits you’ll enjoy from packing in the fags and giving e-cigs a go. Many people say they haven’t got the willpower to give up alone, and no matter how many patches they use, and no matter how much gum they chew they just can’t seem to kick the habit. An e-cig is almost exactly the same as smoking a real cigarette, except with a much lower risk of illness. Why pay hundreds of pounds each month to eventually get all kinds of horrible illnesses, ailments, and diseases? You’ll then have to spend even more money on medical bills! It’s no quality of life. By switching over, you’ll be able to enjoy a ‘smoke’, knowing that you’re protecting your health and your wallet.

If you’re a smoker, we suggest you give e cigarettes a try!