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My Favourite Ways to Make Extra Cash

May 14, 2015 by lucas in Tips

We all need a little extra cash sometimes. Whether you want spends for your holiday or a new outfit for your girl’s night out, there are a few different things you can do to bulk up your bank balance. Here are my favourite ways to do it!

Sell Old Clothes

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of clothes that just don’t get a look in anymore. You can either hold on to these until they go out of fashion and start to smell, or you can sell them. There are endless ways to do this, so it’s a case of what you prefer. Maybe you’d prefer a car boot sale, or sticking them on eBay. You’d be surprised at how much money you can get! You can get even more interest and money from sites like eBay if you take great pictures and set the bidding low.

Make/Customise Stuff

I get a ton of satisfaction from making and customising stuff. Let’s say you have an old wooden chair. Nobody will give you much for it, if anything at all. Why not make it worth buying? Sand it up, paint it, and make it look pretty. Sell it for a profit! It’s so clever and easy, and you can find lots of tutorials online to help you. You could even do a class if you’d like to do something in the long term. You could potentially become your own boss!

Do the Irish Lotto

Hang on – Irish? Yep, that’s right! I stopped putting money on the UK lotto ages ago when I realise how much better the Irish version was. Not only do you stand more of a chance of winning, you’ll win way more money. Plus, it’s cheaper than the UK! It’s a no brainer really – when it comes to Irish lottery vs UK lotto, Irish wins everytime. Although it might seem like a long shot, I’ve won a little bit of money a few times before. When I’m feeling lucky, I’ll grab a ticket and see what happens.

Start Saving

OK, so you won’t get any ‘extra’ cash this way, but you’ll be surprised at how much more you seem to have. Before buying anything, ask yourself, do I really need this? Resist buying things just off the cuff. Think about it carefully and be mindful. Of course you can treat yourself occasionally, but find the right balance. Don’t live from paycheck to paycheck!

Review Music

I love music, so what could be better than reviewing it to make some more money? Sites like can help people like you to make more money from reviewing bands. Don’t get too excited – you only get 5p per song to start with. However, it soon adds up. The more you review, the more you can earn. You could end up getting 25p per song, which can help you to earn some good spending money!

I hope you find these tips useful. Any more suggestions? Let me know!