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Landlord App From Direct Line – The Next Best App For Property Owners

May 21, 2014 by Financefox in Tips

Landlord App From Direct LineIn the modern times we are living in, mobile phones and applications have evolved and improved over the last decade to become essential, time saving tools in our day to day life. They help us keep track of our appointments, help us find somewhere to eat if we fancy trying something new and keep us updated with the latest developments in news and current affairs.

You will probably have heard the phrase once or twice “there’s an app for that” and you know how true that statement is. The latest app developed for and made available through Direct Line, aims to give landlord’s the information they need in the palm of their hand.

The Landlord App is a piece of mobile phone software that all owners of property will want to use. What could be better than having profiles for 1 to 5 different properties, tenancy and contact details, finance sections with enable you to calculate what you will yield from your rental profits, track your outgoings and income over the course of the year and a handy reminder system to alert you about the things you might easily forget all in the one place?

Just taking the last benefit of the Landlord app listed above, we can see how useful it really is. If you have owned property in the past you will know only too well how easy it is to forget even the most important things, such as renewing your property(s) Gas Safety Certificate or your annual maintenance checks on your windows and doors. With the Landlord app though, this is a thing of the past as it will sync up with your mobile phone’s inbuilt calendar and enable you to assign alerts to important dates throughout the year.

Having a portfolio of many different properties can mean that you have to sift through piles and folders of paperwork. With the Landlord App, you no longer need to do this as you can simply and practically store the contact and tenancy agreement details and profiles for up to 5 properties from your portfolio. So rather than going crazy because you can’t find that one piece of paper that you need at that precise moment, you can simply bring up the App and easily search for the tenancy agreement or contact details.

Obviously you invested in properties to rent to make money, and another important side of business that the Landlord App helps with is keeping track of your finances. You can calculate accurately the amount of money you should make, all being well, in the coming year; as well as keeping a close eye on any money you spend out on your properties on repairs, upgrades or anything else connected. Most importantly though, it will enable you to analyse your finances properly to assure you stay out of the red, before it’s too late.

The Mobile Landlord app from Direct Line is something that I feel most tech-savvy landlords looking to stay on top of everything efficiently and effectively should consider to make their job much easier.