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Integrating E-commerce Platforms With Your EPOS

February 25, 2014 by Financefox in Business

cardsFor a long physical stores have benefited from a strong POS solution.  These systems manage vendors, sales, customers and inventory through a very easy to use interface.  Things such as tracking customer data, timelines and finances are done automatically, which makes it much easier to look at sophisticated and detailed metrics.  This type of information is essential in the lightning paced world of retail stores.  Although e-commerce platforms are designed to focus more on marketing and sales, if you integrate an e-commerce platform with your Epos you get the best of both worlds.

Why Should You Integrate?

You should integrate your systems because it streamlines the operations of your business by decreasing the number of different systems you need to have running and maintained.  Information is very easily and automatically shared between the two systems, which mean there are no duplicate entries which improves the efficiency of the systems by reducing the likelihood of there being errors.

What Will Integrate?

Any common data points between the two systems will be integrated very easily.  This will normally include information on your customers, suppliers, finances, sales, products and inventory.  With each of the different data points there are different advantages.  By synchronising the inventory it provides an efficient consistency between all the systems your business uses.

It helps to ensure that the warehouse is managed more efficiently and effectively because it will help maintain a more accurate level of stock, which will lower the chances of your customers being disappointed when they try to order a product, only to find out later that it wasn’t in stock.  It also allows customers to track their orders from the warehouse all the way to their front door.

The Benefits Of Integration

One of the most obvious benefits of integrating these systems together is the reduction of errors and the overall improved efficiency.  Though, it is important to note that there are further advantages.  As most EPOS and e-commerce systems communicate with each other well, it means that your staff members won’t have to learn much about new software and will be able to continue using the interface that they are comfortable and familiar with.

By establishing a very robust and efficient infrastructure, your company’s operations will be able to keep up with the pace of increased demand from your customers.

Integration also allows for a seamless management of all transactions and reduces the more complex aspects of having many different, separate systems for different operations.

In addition, by integrating your EPOS with your e-commerce, you streamline your business operations into one unified business application.  This will have a knock on effect on how your customers experience shopping and ordering through your website, and will very likely increase your sales.  By integrating you will no longer have to complexity associated with managing various different systems and it will thus make it much easier for you to analyse and note areas that need improving a make the relevant changes.