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How Vaping Can Save Smokers Money

April 30, 2019 by admin in Money Saving Tips, Tips

Smoking isn’t just bad for your health, it’s bad for your wealth and while nicotine addicts may try to kid themselves that the many smoking-related illnesses “won’t happen to them”, it’s pretty hard to ignore all the money which goes up in smoke (almost literally), every single time you light up. What’s more, while it might, theoretically, be possible to smoke a part of a regular cigarette and then save the rest for later, in practice, that’s not as straightforward as it sounds.

On the other hand, as anyone who’s ever tried knows, neither is giving up smoking.

Thankfully, there is now a solution. Smokers can switch to vaping to minimize the damage to their health and wealth, until they manage to quit completely.

Let’s look at how the sums stack up

In order to make the switch to vaping, you’ll need a vaporizer. The good news is that you can get an entry-level one for about £10 and a pretty decent one for about £25. There are more expensive ones available, but they tend to be for niche markets such as people who travel a lot and who therefore want an extra-long-life battery.

Once you have your vaporizer, you’ll need the occasional pack of replacement coils and, of course, your e-liquid. The cost of e-liquid will vary depending on its strength, the quantity you buy and where you buy it, however it’s fair to say that the cost is very attractive compared to buying cigarettes, plus it’s easy just to take a few puffs from your ecigarette and then put it away so you only use what you really need rather than feeling like you have to finish a cigarette or else it will be wasted.

Overall, therefore, switching to vaping is actually very economical compared to regular smoking, although it’s definitely not as economical as giving up completely!

NB: If you’re concerned that vaporizers will be difficult to use then you can relax. There are some “high-tech” vaporizers on the market, essentially to please the gadget-lovers amongst us, but there are also plenty of simple options which are pretty much a case of “fill, charge and go”.

There are other benefits too

Even though the UK has the NHS, in practical terms there is often a cost to getting sick, even if it’s only a mild illness and even if you’re employed rather than self-employed. For example, you may have direct costs (such as over-the-counter medication, prescription costs and/or the cost of travelling to see a doctor) or indirect costs, such as missed opportunities.

With that in mind, anything you can do to reduce your chances of getting ill often brings a financial benefit, plus there’s the fact that it’s no fun to be ill. It’s also worth noting that the cost of any insurance policy which has a connection to your health is very likely to go down if you can give up smoking. For example, if you have a mortgage, then you probably have life insurance and this is typically more affordable for non-smokers than it is for smokers.

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