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How to Save Money on Your Pets While Giving them The Care They Deserve

February 5, 2014 by lucas in Money Saving Tips

Pets are literally there to brighten up the worst of days, however; they can cost us a lot of money while doing so. Of course you probably want to save money on your pets, but you’ll still need to give them the care that they deserve – without shortchanging them! We have a responsibility to our pets to keep them safe, happy, and healthy and in return we get their friendship for life! Here’s how to save money on your pets without shortchanging them in any way:

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Spay/Neuter Your Pet

If your pet isn’t currently spayed or neutered you should make sure that this is taken care of straight away. This might not sound like it could save you money to start with, but it’s actually a great money saving tip that can save you hundreds of pounds. If your pet ends up giving birth to a litter, this can cost you a lot of money in vet bills, food, and more. Plus, finding loving homes for all of the babies is a tough battle! The amount you spend to get your pet spayed or neutered will save you lots of money in the long run and is definitely the best option for your pet. You’ll also need to purchase pain medication to make sure they’re comfortable afterwards!

Get Bargain Toys and Make Your Own

If you spot something at a great price, such as a collar or pet toy, you can always buy it to benefit from the bargain and then put it away until you need it.  Let’s be honest, dogs chew up their toys pretty quickly, so it won’t be long until you have to go out buying more! You can save even more money by making your own toys. Why not tie a knot in an old sock and give it to your pet? They’ll be entertained for hours at no cost to you!

Make Your Own Treats

You can also save a large chunk of money by making your own pet treats. This can be done simply by chopping up suitable leftovers and putting it in their bowl, but you need to be careful that the food is suitable and not toxic or poisonous to them. Leftover crusts, meat, and similar foods will usually be ok. Make sure you avoid giving them anything too salty or sweet or they could get poorly!

Homemade Cat Litter

Cat litter is another necessary expenses, however; you can make your own very simply by ripping up pieces of newspaper and placing it in the litter box! This will absorb moisture, but not odor, so to combat nasty smells sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of the box and maybe some peppermint leaves. You can then dump the waste into a plastic bag when it’s time to change the paper!

These are just a few ways you can save money without shortchanging your pet; you can also save money by making your own treatments, like flea treatments and ear mite treatment. However, in severe cases it’s probably best to seek professional help. Read this Pet Flea File to learn more!

Try our tips to save a small fortune, while keeping your pet happy at the same time!