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Hot Tips to Save on Professional Services When You Sell Your House

October 5, 2014 by lucas in Money Saving Tips, Savings, Tips

Theoretically, selling a house should make you money. But the truth is that it often costs you money you can’t afford to spend. Although there aren’t compulsory costs, like there are when you buy a house, there are still costs you might feel you can’t afford to avoid. It isn’t necessary to use an estate agent or to hire a solicitor, but doing so could give you peace of mind. If you decide to forego using a solicitor, for example, you could make a dangerous legal mistake. Hiring these professionals will get you valuable advice on the sale of your home, and they will put in a lot of the work. But hiring help from professionals doesn’t mean that you can’t also save money on estate agents and solicitors.

Estate Agents

When you hire an estate agent, they will help you to sell your house in return for a fee. Usually, an estate agent will take a percentage of the sale price of your house, but sometimes it will be a flat fee. You can save money by aiming to find the lowest fee and also look for the shortest lock-in period. A lock-in period will stop you marketing the property with another agent, and it’s obviously best if you aren’t tied to one agent for too long.

Don’t just go with the first estate agent you see. Look at your local agents and make a shortlist of the ones you will ask for quotes. Looking at agents who are members of the National Association of Estate Agents is a good idea because it shows that they’re professional and reputable. Look at both independent and corporate agencies so you have a mix of businesses. Research them online and scope them out at their offices too.

When you have narrowed down your estate agent choices to three or four, ask for quotes on fees and lock-in periods. Don’t be afraid to try and lower both and mention that you’re looking at different agencies. They want your business, so you’re in control.


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You can shop around for solicitors too, to make sure you get not just the cheapest price but the best value for money. When you visit estate agents, you can ask them for recommendations. You may find that the same names crop up a few times, in which case these may be more reliable. Contact a company such as Abacus Law Conveyancing Warrington over the phone first and use the phone call to begin assessing them. Ask them for written confirmation of their charges so you can get a few quotes.

You can haggle the price with solicitors too; there’s no need to accept their first quote. Again, you can mention that you’re talking to other firms. Try to get the best price, but don’t go with the cheapest firm if they don’t feel right. It will be expensive to change solicitors later in the process of selling.

If you have to pick from either estate agents or solicitors to help you sell your house, it’s best to hire a solicitor. Marketing your property yourself will be a lot of work but solicitors will make sure all your legal affairs are in order.