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Great Tips for Using Voucher Codes to Save Money

December 9, 2014 by Financefox in Tips

5683224123_2c991d868b_coupon-520x245[1]If you are looking for a surefire way to save money without having to cut back from buying the things you need to and want to; there are great reasons why you should consider using voucher codes through In the following article we will look at a few handy tips you can utilize to get the very best out of these online codes.

Find Relevant Codes for Places You Shop

Have you ever noticed at the checkout area of where you normally enter your payment details that there is usually a box that says something along the lines of “enter promotional code” or “enter voucher code”?  You probably skip past that box thousands of times in a year and could be missing out on huge savings.

Instead of skipping it, the fact that the site is asking if you have a voucher code, suggests that from time to time there are voucher codes available.  Type the words ‘voucher code’ or something similar into your preferred search engine along with the name of that particular retailer.  Or you could simply go to Voucher Bin or somewhere similar and find the retailer there.  For instance, if you wanted to save money on your Wallis shopping spree, you could click through to this page.

Use Voucher Codes in Conjunction with One Another

Although many retailers and companies only allow one voucher to be used per order, there are some who allow you to use different vouchers against the same order.  For instance, you may be able to get 20 off flowers over a certain price with one voucher, but are also able to use another for free delivery.

Buy More to Save More

With some vouchers it actually pays to spend more.  There are some vouchers that offer you 50% off, but only when you spend £50.  While you may not be able to do this every time, it is worth thinking about whether you want to save a little money and buy some things that you would probably buy at a later date, so that you can make the most of the savings.

Be Savvy When It Comes To Free Delivery Codes

Free delivery voucher codes are a great way to save an extra little bit on purchases, but you may find that a particular retailer you are looking to buy things through does not offer that type of discount at the moment.  If that is the case, simply look for the products you intend to buy through another retailer who does offer free delivery, to benefit from the savings.

Compare and Contrast Voucher Codes

In a similar way to saving money by comparing the price of identical or similar items in two different stores to find the best price, you can also do this with voucher codes.  It is always sensible to check whether there are voucher codes available for more than one retailer who sells the same item you are interested in buying.  You may find that because of the price a particular retailer is selling that item for even with their voucher code is still more expensive than through a different retailer.