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Get Out Of Debt Quick With These Money Saving Ideas

July 2, 2015 by lucas in Debt

When you are in debt, it can seem like a never-ending nightmare. We see those shady ads on television and start to think that they might be worth the risk. But sometimes, if we put our money problems into someone else’s hands, we only make matters worse. It may be wiser to deal with the problem ourselves. We are not saying this will work for everyone. If will largely depend on how much how owe. Regardless, it is always a good idea to think how to save money when you are trying to get out of debt.


The problem many people face is that they do not realise they are in debt. Or, they do not see how big the problem is. We want to keep being able to buy what we did before. This is just not possible. Our monetary situation has changed but we do not always recognise that straight away. Special occasions are usually when this issue is most prominent. If you have kids and it is their birthday you still want to buy them all the presents they want. We recommend looking online for digital vouchers and coupons. These are usually offered for specific stores on a wide variety of products. They can be food, entertainment or clothing. Using them is a good place to start saving money.

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Buy In Bulk

When you see in deals in stores, we recommend considering buying in bulk. Particularly if the deal in on something you frequently buy  that will stay in date. The deal will not last forever. It may seem like a big expense at first but you are saving a lot of money. Shoppers do this all the time even when they are not facing money troubles. This is the main reason why goods on sale sell out so quickly. People buy more than they actually need at the time.

New For Old, Old For New

It may be that you are only just facing money troubles. Before this, you could have bought items and made transactions you can no longer afford. This is perfectly affordable. But it is not too late to make some money back. For instance, if you have recently bought a new phone like the Galaxy S5 you can recycle it. But better than that you can recycle Galaxy S5 for a good portion of what you paid for it. Particularly, if it is still in new condition. You can also recycle old tech that you no longer use.

Avoid Unnecessary Payments

We recommend thinking carefully about what you are paying for. Can you afford it and do you need it? Again, how much this is necessary will depend on the level of debt. But, do you have a car. You need a car for transport, we understand that. But are you close enough to walk the places you need to go or cycle. Note, need not want. We are referring to your work, the shops and your children’s school. If you are, then it is time to sell the car. You can buy another one when you are back on your feet. But until then you need to be realistic.

We hope you found this advice helpful and urge you not to panic. Debt can seem like an unclimbable mountain, but you will get past it.