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Five Tips for Maintaining Focus on Your Business Goals

April 3, 2014 by Financefox in Tips

Five Tips for Maintaining Focus on Your Business GoalsEyes on the road, hands steadfastly on the steering wheel, your worries are a thing of the past. From the convenience of your rearview mirror, you watch as your competitors try to keep up and inevitably fail in doing so, breaking down in frustration. But, how do you stay on top? How can you keep this up before being the next victim stranded on the side of the road? We all deal with great adversity, take Australian businessman Ron Bakir for example. From crashing his business to liquidation, to rising back up to form a multi-million dollar property development company, Ron Bakir shows every entrepreneur that maintaining a clear focus can reap rewards. If you’re a dedicated businessman or a young entrepreneur, here are five guidelines to help you stay focused on your business goals.

Create an Inspiring Vision Board

Beautiful imagery and words that fuel your drive when you’re feeling empty or lacking focus will do your business and personal life wonders. This vision board can be created at any scale,from a small piece of cardboard to a large canvas for the whole team to enjoy. In a sense, it’s the map to your destination, directing you to where you need to be and reminding you of the positive outcomes of all your hard work.

Minimize Distractions and Procrastination

“Ah, just one more episode of The Walking Dead and then I’ll start on this client brief.” Yes, we’ve all been through these situations on more than a couple of occasions. From stalking our friends on Facebook to watching just one more ‘Funny Cat’ video, procrastination is addictive. It’s the tropical island we discover in our voyage, filled with tempting fruits that lure hungry victims. Realistically, we’ll visit Procrastination Island several times, however gradually reducing the periods will see us depart from the island completely!

Healthy Diet and Exercise

You’ve heard this all before, but it’s an ageless guide in maintaining your focus on business goals. Simply put, eating the right foods and exercising regularly will boost your mentality, stamina and release any suppressed emotional anxiety. Quality foods such as lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits will repair the soul and mind after a hard day’s work. Feeling mentally drained? Exercising by performing cardio or repetitive weights will give you the vigour to focus on daily tasks.

Track Your Results

Like most successful businesses, tracking your wins, losses and goals is essential in determining where the business will venture next. An ideal approach would be to focus on two to three goals for the week, decide on a realistic timeline and analyse the results and objectives. Using a personal diary of these weekly goals allows you to stay on the right track and communicate whether or not you need to restructure your objectives.

Treat Yourself

There’s treasure at the end of every voyage, pushing you to work harder and more efficiently to reach your destination. Although some entrepreneurs may perceive this as a negative connotation, treating yourself once in a while creates a positive, focused energy. It could be anything from watching another episode or two of your favourite show to booking a luxury European cruise; whatever you decide on, you deserve it!