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Five Excellent iPhone Apps for Saving Money

September 4, 2014 by Financefox in Tips

Five Excellent iPhone Apps for Saving MoneySometimes it seems like every little purchase in life is adding up. The coffee we drop a few pounds on as we walk through town, the new shoes we treat ourselves to, that upgraded phone contract we promised ourselves, they all begin to take a toll on our poor bank balances. Thankfully, just as quickly as new products are coming to market there are more and more apps designed to help us cut the cost of them. From petrol to loyalty cards, we all need a little help with our budgets from time to time, so why not taken a look at our top five money saving applications and start taking the pressure off your bank balance.

1) Whatgas

One of the most common complaints we come across is regarding the ever increasing cost of petrol, between the government increasing taxes on it and oil companies wringing out ever larger profits, we can often feel like the squeezed middle, struggling to just get where we need to be. Thankfully, there’s an app for that, and it’s called Whatgas. By using crowdsourcing (information from people like you and me) it builds an up to date database of petrol prices across garages in the UK and large parts of Europe, thus ensuring your journey doesn’t cost any more it has to.

2) Mysupermarket

Ever noticed how the majority of adverts on television now seem to be for large supermarket chains, each offering better prices than each other for their weekly shop? Well, we have, and quite frankly it’s become impossible to tell which are carrying the right deals for us. Mysupermarket is an app that changes all that by letting you create your shopping list and then uses it to compare all the major supermarkets on price, to let you know which is the cheapest for you. Even better, it’s got a barcode scanner built in, so you just scan to add to your shopping list, simple!

3) Skyscanner

Alright, so it might not be as common for most of us to be jetting off out of the country as it is to be popping to the supermarket, but flights can put a serious dent into our bank balances. Skyscanner is an application which aims to help drive down the cost of our flights. With a simple interface and powerful search functions it asks for the flight that you want and then searches more than a thousand airlines to deliver to you the best possible price. Think comparison website for flights and you’ll be very close indeed.

4) HotUKDeals

The HUKD community has been going strong for a number of years now, and boasts more than a million members and 18 million posts. But what does it do? Quite simply, it’s a community of people who – when they spot a bargain – share it with everyone else. Some astonishing deals can be had that you’d have missed otherwise. Before you make any purchase, it’s always worth checking HotUKDeals.

5) Groupon

There’s a reason why people love Groupon, and it’s why it made it into our list of money saving apps. Groupon offers some fantastic deals you just can’t get anywhere else, from teaching qualifications to skydiving via garden furniture, there’s so much to see on Groupon you might just end up spending more money than you save.

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