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Credit Cards and the Cash Advance loans

April 11, 2014 by Financefox in Credit Cards, Tips

Credit Cards and the Cash Advance loansCredit card advances and the cash advance loans are far better than the pay day loans. These loans can be paid over a long time and do not have a small payment window and exorbitant rates when compared with the payday loans.

It would never be wrong to say that the credit cards have slowly but surely become a part of day to day living. The consumer product companies do understand this and they target the customers accordingly. All their advertisements and the promotional offers are targeted towards getting customers into frenzy buying mode. Individuals with fixed income to spare every month cannot spend much without   taking the help of loans or the credit cards.

However, if you are running a small business, getting funds whenever  you need them cannot be easy. You need to have a good credit score to be able to qualify loans at affordable rates. However, with small businesses, there is a high probability of emergency requirements which cannot wait for long time. This means that you would require within a day’s notice. Getting this can never be easy because lenders take a lot of time assessing the business details before making a lending decision. Moreover, one requires to have an excellent credit rating and a great business performance to be able to get these loans from the frontline lenders and the banks. All of this looks to be a distant possibility with the small businesses and more so given the current circumstances.

It is for this reasons that the loans for bad credit lenders have come up with the cash advance loans which are offered to the small business owners without any credit check. In fact all that the business owners have to prove is the sustainability of their business, show the profit line and the proof that they have sufficient credit card sales to take and repay these loans.

How Does This Service Work?

In case of credit card, people can shop for things on credit; the same way in cash advance loans people can take funds when in need even if they don’t have in their account. These funds can be borrowed by cash-back in stores or via ATM and later borrowers have to pay the principal amount with some interest amount charged on it.

How to Access This Facility?

There is no such difficult procedure which a person has to do for getting this cash advance service. All they have to do is look for banks or private lenders who are offering these cash advance services and then they can easily go through the agreement and understand all the necessary terms and conditions before they sign the contract.

In these services a person has to keep something in mind like the interest rate which are charged on the borrowed cash advance as in this slightly higher interest rate is charged than the normal borrowing and the cost which is incurred in the processing of loan is also on the higher side.

In this you can access these funds from credit cards, ATM, from any store or directly from the bank. All you have to do is fill the form and mention the location where you will be requesting the fund.

These loans are considered better option than the payday loans as in the cash advance loans the processing charges of these loans is simple and overall the loan works out to be a lot cheaper. Even there is no requirement of credit score for a person to mention to avail these loans. These loans are considered best loan option in case of emergencies as the funds are availed by people in very less time. The only thing a person should keep in mind is that they should pay off the amount in full and within the time period as high penalties are charged if in case borrower is late in making payment of loan.

Pay Your Dues on Time

This is very important that a person should pay off dues of their credit card on time. One person should limit their credit card limit so that they don’t exceed the limit and can manage to pay off dues on time. Even a person should pay the entire amount of their credit card balance as if they pay some amount or just the minimum amount then the rest amount will be forwarded in the next month balance and then the interest rate will be charged on the whole amount. Even people can activate the automatic payment of credit card bill from their account which will help them in getting their credit card balance paid on time so that they can avoid late payment penalties.

Choose Cards with Low Annual Fee and Good Rewards

Even the selection of credit card is very important as there are many credit card companies, so it is important for you to know all the terms and conditions of all the credit card companies even the interest rate which is charged and the APR cost. Look for the credit card Company who is offering you least of these two things and then opt it.

Go in for Low Interest Credit Cards

Low interest credit cards are very important because if you carry your balance every month then it is important that your credit card company charge you less interest rate as if they will charge you high interest rate then you will end up paying very high interest amount by the end of month.