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Buying an engagement ring on a budget

November 24, 2015 by admin in Savings, Tips


Asking the person you love to marry you is always a nerve-wracking experience and you’ll want to ensure it all goes to plan. Other than actually asking the question, the most important aspect to think about is the choice of engagement ring.

Whether you want to buy one in advance and surprise her with it or you want to give a token at the time of the proposal and let her choose her own, budget is a huge consideration. Engagement rings can cost anything from a few pounds to many thousands and it’s vital to remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a stunning design she’ll love wearing for the rest of her life.

If funds are limited, fear not. Here are a few tips as to how to find a great diamond ring to seal the commitment to being together for the rest of your lives.

Choose a setting to really set off the diamond

A small diamond will have the illusion of looking larger than it actually is if you choose a halo setting; where the centre stone has a number of much smaller stones around it. It’s a stylish and classic look and is a much better option that the ultra-popular solitaire stone which doesn’t enhance the carat volume very much.

Opt for pave diamonds

If you want the look of a rock set into a ring but don’t have the budget, consider pave diamonds to give the look without the pain on the pocket.

Pave diamonds are very tiny gemstones which are set together to give the illusion of a much larger diamond. They sparkle in the same way crushed ice does and are less expensive because lower grade but just as beautiful stones can be used.

Know how to buy the best carat weight

Popular carat weights are often nice, rounded figures such as 1, 1,5 and 2 carats. If you choose a carat which is slightly smaller than a standard size; 1.4 for example, you’ll find that it’s much cheaper than you think as it’s not as popular. It’s called ‘buying shy’ and is an industry term for a stone that looks no different to a standardised size but could be anything up to 20% cheaper.

Choose an emerald cut stone

Whilst an emerald cut diamond has less facets than other cuts and in turn won’t sparkle as much, the flat side gives the appearance of a much larger stone. When it comes to engagement rings, Houston jewellery companies find that it’s a popular option with those who really want to buy a statement piece but don’t want to break the bank. It’s also a classic cut so will always look elegant in the decades to come.

Buy a set of rings to make savings

If you’ve decided to shop together for the engagement ring rather than buy one in advance, buying the wedding band as a matching set to the engagement ring will more than likely come at a reduced price to buying them as two separate pieces of jewellery.  Buy the grooms wedding band at the same time and there’s every possibility the jeweller will offer even more of a discount.