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A Look At The Latest Santander Promotion: Simple Personal Fair

April 25, 2014 by admin in Money Saving Tips
Santander are one of the world’s leading Corporate and Commercial Banking organisations and they have recently released a video advertisement that informs and describes their latest initiative to focus more on building lasting relationships.  The main message of the video which can be seen here, is that Santander’s approach to banking, corporate and commercial banking in particular, is Simple Personal Fair, what a bank should be.

The video itself shows a number of different people from different types of businesses talking to their own Relationship Director from Santander; while the narration discusses that Santander feel it is important that credit partners meet with businesses directly, so that any decisions that are made are as transparent as they can be.  They are in a number of different locations such as warehouses looking at stock, offices looking at plans showing how involved the Relationship Manager will be to encourage prospective clients.  There are a lot of smiles suggesting success amongst the different businesses that use Santander as their bank.
I felt while I was watching that the video portrayed Santander differently from other banks that operate in the business and commercial market.  The overall feel is that Santander cares about the businesses they work with and that they want to have lasting relationships with their clients and help them to grow in whatever way they can.  It did make me feel warmer towards Santander as a brand than I was before seeing the video.  The music is very emotive and just screams “success”.
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