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10 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Savings

November 5, 2015 by Financefox in Money Saving Tips

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We work hard all year long and deserve a break once in a while. However, with so many bills to pay, we can often struggle for that all-important holiday we’ve been craving. Well, to help you make the most of your finances, here are 10 tips to boost your holiday savings.

Delete Your Browsing History

Websites can be a little sneaky. Believe it or not, browsing history can often determine how expensive your holiday is. Websites place cookies on your computer, which allows them track your spending habits, identify your location and raise the prices of their breaks. If you want to ensure you receive the best price for your holiday abroad, we strongly recommend deleting your browsing history before and after you visit a holiday website.

Don’t Settle for the First Deal

So, you’ve found a holiday that’s cheaper than last year’s trip abroad. That’s great! However, that doesn’t mean you have to buy it. You might just find holiday prices have come down on different websites due to the season you’re travelling or increased availability. Browse the market before you make a decision and only book when you know you’re buying the best holiday for the best price.

Buy Your VISA Before You Fly

If you’re travelling to countries such as Turkey or Egypt, don’t pay for your visa at the airport – buy it before you travel; otherwise, you could end up dipping into your holiday funds at the airport to pay for a visa that could cost you nearly twice as much.

Bag the Best Currency Exchange Rate

Whether you are exchanging pounds to dollars or dollars to Euros, you must do your homework to ensure you receive the best exchange rate on the market. This will ensure you have more money for food, drink and activities whilst abroad.

Check if You’re Entitled to PPI

You only have until approximately Spring 2018 to claim back your payment protection insurance (PPI). If you think you are entitled to compensation for credit or loan insurance, we recommend contacting, who can identify if you are eligible for PPI compensation in an instant. The money could pay for your holiday or go towards your holiday spends, so don’t miss out on money that’s rightfully yours.

Weigh Your Cases

Unless you’ve paid for extra weight allowance, you could be charged at the check-in if your case is too heavy. So, instead of facing significant charges before you step onto a plane, we recommend weighing your cases prior to travelling – or just paying for the extra weight allowance when you book your holiday. You will be glad you did.

Buy Annual Travel Insurance

Are you lucky enough to head off on two or more trips per year? It’s time you invested in annual travel insurance, then. Instead of paying for insurance each time you fly, annual travel insurance will help you make great savings, as you can find deals for as little as £13 for 12 months. This will cover you if a flight is cancelled or changed.

Avoid Airport Prices

We all love a good travel cushion when flying, as they can considerably improve our travel experience. However, don’t pay full whack for a travel accessory at an airport when you can find a similar product for significantly less in shops such as Superdrug, Boots or even a pound shop. Items such as adaptor plugs and eye masks really are quite cheap – so be prepared and buy them before you even pack your case.

Buy Food Before the Airport

You might not be allowed to take liquids onto a plane, but the rule doesn’t apply to taking food. Instead of paying for expensive meals at the airport or on the airplane, create a packed lunch for you and your loved ones. You’re on your holidays so prepare your favourite meals so you and the family will be grinning from ear-to-ear before you step off the plane!

Check for Flight Delay Claims

Have you ever been subject to a flight delay over three hours or more? You might not realise that you’re entitled to compensation. You can claim the money back for the delay if you departed from an EU airport in the last ten years. Stanton Fisher can identify if you’re entitled to flight delay compensation within a few minutes, and you could save that money towards your next holiday abroad.