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10 Clever Ways to Save Money on Pet Costs

January 20, 2014 by lucas in Money Saving Tips

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Pet owners will do anything to keep their pets cared for, even though it could be getting them into a lot of debt. Buying the pet initially, vet bills, food, grooming, equipment; it is all costly. We have put together a list of the 10 best ways to save money on those rising pet costs, without compromising on the wellbeing of your pet.

1. Pet-proof the home

If you’re considering a pet, but worried about potential damage to your house, then pet proofing is the best way to start. Remove any chewable or scratchable objects from your new pet’s reach. You then don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on new furniture every time the cat mistakes the sofa for a scratching post.

2. Keep initial costs low

Those who haven’t got their pet just yet should bear this tip in mind! When looking for an animal to buy, make sure you keep the costs low. Larger animals can be much more expensive, especially pedigree or sought after dogs. Consider the initial cost and look around at dogs and puppies for sale, before opting for the nearest (and maybe the most expensive).

3. Free health checks

A lot of vets offer free health and weight checks for your pet. Find out what your local vets have on offer before paying out to have a general check up. You can also weigh your animal at home, with a set of normal scales which will help you detect any potential health problems.

4. Shop around for pet insurance

Most people who have dogs and cats will have pet insurance, but you can get it for just about any animal! Pet insurance will certainly cut down the cost of unexpected vet bills, but make sure you’re getting the best offer. Remember to check what each policy covers, the excess and the premiums.

5. Free samples

Many pet food companies give out free samples of their newest products, on their websites. They’re normally restricted to one per household, but there’s enough pet food companies to get a fair amount of dinners for your animal!

6. Animal charities

Did you know that many animal rescue centres and charities can help you out with certain pet costs? A prime example of this is free neutering for cats, which many cat protection charities offer. This will ensure no unexpected animal babies which, although cute, are very expensive.

7. Home remedies

Sometimes your pet is feeling a bit under the weather, and that’s when the worry of vet bills hit. If it’s a simple case of scratching a bit too much or a cut on the nose, then look up some home remedies. There are plenty of great websites that are backed by vets and professionals, explaining cheap or free methods to make your animal feel better.

8. Grooming at home

Just like home remedies for pet illness, there are also lots of wonderful hints and tips on the internet for pet grooming. If you normally spend a fortune on getting your pet groomed at a salon, then consider doing it yourself at home. Not only will you be saving money but bathing a pet is great fun!

9. Pet boarding

Going on holiday? Pet boarding is extremely expensive and isn’t always necessary. Try asking friends and family if anybody would like to look after your pet(s) for the time you’re away. It may be that they need to house sit, or just come in once a day for feeding, but most people will be happy to help!

10. Bulk buy

The final tip is this; if you buy a lot of the same things then get them in bulk! It could be dog food, hamster bedding, cat treats, whatever! Larger pet stores will sell big versions of most of their products that work out a lot cheaper than buying smaller quantities more often.

There we have it; the top 10 money saving ways to look after your pet. You’ll be counting the pennies saved in no time!